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Al Carr's Record - News and Press Archive

News and Press Coverage

Feb 5, 2016: Washington Post coverage of Del. Carr's bill to lower outrageous late fees for tolls

June 2010 - Legislative update
Nov 2009 - Fall update
Sept 2009 - Homeowners Tax Credit Deadline & misc
Sept 2009 - 2009 Annapolis Report for District 18
May 2009 - Post-session newsletter
March 2009 - Environmental Legislation
Feb 2009 - Transportation Legislation
Jan 2009 - Public School Transparency
April 2008 - End of Session Letter
Feb 2008 - Constituent Update
Sept 2006 - A big thanks to all of my 2006 volunteers and supporters!
Aug 2006 - African American Democrats Endorse Al Carr
Aug 2006 - Bill Sher Heads Carr for Delegate Campaign
July 2006 - Seven Local Mayors Endorse Al Carr
June 2006 - Carr Works with Local Delegation to Demand Pepco Reforms
June 2006 - Kensington Re-elects Al Carr to Third Term in Record Vote
May 2006 - Gazette Announces Al Carr's Candidacy for District 18

June 2006 Gazette    
Al Carr works with Delegation to Demand Pepco reforms
May 2006 Gazette     Carr successfully lobbies for additional ped safety funds
May 2006 Gazette     Constituent appreciation of Carr's work on pedestrian safety
May 2006 Gazette      Carr's success in addressing growth & development
April 2006 Gazette     Carr works to make Government transparent, accessible
March 2006 Gazette   Carr's success in building community online
March 2006 Gazette   Constituent appreciation on Carr's work improving town finances
Feb 2006 Gazette       Carr works to put Kensington's financial house in order
Jan 2006 Gazette        Carr's proposal to improve traffic flow in Kensington
Dec 2005 Gazette       Letter to the editor about property tax relief
Nov 2005 Gazette       Carr successfully champions property tax relief
Sept 2005 Post           Letter to the editor about traffic safety
Sept 2005 Gazette      Carr's proposal on mansionization in Kensington
July 2005 Gazette       Carr's letter to the editor on Connecticut Avenue safety
March 2005 Gazette   Carr quoted on traffic safety
Jan 2005 Gazette       Carr quoted on Fatal Pedestrian Incident
June 2004 Gazette     Carr quoted on Traffic Safety - photo enforcement
March 2004 Gazette   Carr proposes burying Pepco's wires
Oct 2003 Gazette       Carr quoted on traffic safety
June 2003 Gazette     Carr advocates for traffic and pedestrian safety
June 2003 Gazette     Carr quoted on Connecticut Avenue safety
June 2003 Gazette     Carr's letter on Fatal Connecticut Avenue crash
May 2002 Gazette      Carr first runs for the Kensington Council
Jan 2002 Post            Carr tracks down thief in Chevy Chase and Wheaton
Jan 2002 Gazette       Carr advocates for pedestrian safety
Oct 2001 Post            Letter to the editor about improving regional mass transit
July 1999 Gazette      Carr advocates pedestrian safety improvements on Connecticut Ave
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Councilmember Carr greets Kensington residents at the annual labor day parade
Al Carr Maryland House of Delegates
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