What people are saying about Al Carr

Tom Perez - Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and former Montgomery County Councilmember: I had the privilege of representing District Five on the County Council from 2002 through 2006 ... and as a result, I had the good fortune of working with Al on a wide range of issues. I was struck by Alís intelligence, passion for justice, common sense, and ability to bring together diverse coalitions. Effective leaders are good listeners, and Al is a great listener. He recognizes the importance of ensuring that every voice is heard and that everyone has a seat at the table. He is calm under pressure, and he has a keen understanding of the legislative process. He knows a lot of things about a lot of subjects; yet, he has a humility that is often sorely lacking in elected officials, and a willingness and desire to learn from others. Perhaps most importantly, Al cares deeply about building a community in which every resident has an opportunity to succeed.

Rich Madaleno - State Senator, 18th Legislative District: I have worked with Al on a number of bills before the General Assembly. Working together with Sharon Grosfeld, Jane Lawton, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Jeff Waldstreicher, and me over the past two years, Al led the fight to end the electric companiesí monopoly control over street lighting in our state. While this issue did not gain flashy headlines, this new law will help local governments gain control over the cost, quality, and efficiency of street lights, a surprisingly large public expenditure. Al led a coalition of municipal and county governments in this fight. He was strong and fair in negotiations with the utilities. He demonstrated the skills I believe are the hallmarks of an effective legislator: diligence, attention to detail, patience, honesty, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.

In the years I have been associated with the General Assembly, I have gained an understanding of who succeeds in Annapolis and why. In the House in particular, success as a Delegate is dependent upon oneís hard work and active participation in committee. Except for a handful of political fault line issues such as taxes, choice, marriage equality, or immigration, the overwhelming majority of bills that pass do so without comment or opposition on the floor. They are refined and amended in committee deliberations. Successful Delegates commit themselves to their committee work. Al Carr intuitively knows this as he is already a member of a legislative body. He understands the legislative process and will be effective in Annapolis for years to come.

Sylvia Tognetti - Silver Spring Resident, Environmental Activist & Democratic chair of precinct 13-58: As a resident of District 18, I am writing to strongly urge you to support of Al Carr for the open delegate seat. I was among those who campaigned for him in the last election, in which he received a good portion of the votes in our district. It was for a good reason. He was then and is now the only person running who has a record of impressive accomplishments as an elected official in our area, and is not afraid to take a stand on difficult issues. He has been a particularly strong advocate on issues related to growth, public transportation and the environment that are important to all of us.

James Browning - Former Executive Director of Common Cause and candidate for Delegate in District 18 from Silver Spring in 2006: I write to express my support for Al Carr as Dist. 18's next Delegate. I had the privilege to run against Al for one of Dist. 18's House seats in 2006 and came away with enormous respect for his intelligence, dedication, and ability to be an effective advocate for all parts of the district.

In particular, I believe Al is the right person to help the District and Montgomery County as a whole with two of its biggest challenges--controlling development and improving public transportation. Al understands how the big picture fits with the minutiae when it comes to offering better transportation solutions. I believe he will also do a great job of recruiting legislators from other parts of the state to support progressive solutions which, due to party and geographic stereotypes in Annapolis, may not seem to be in their best interests, at first. Al is the messenger who will make sure that Dist. 18's message will be heard in Annapolis.

Martha Jones - Chevy Chase resident and community activist: Al's experience is relevant to what is needed by those who are leaders in Annapolis. He has a quiet and effective way of working with people to bring them together to accomplish their goals. As a municipal official, in a district which has so many municipalities, he has experience with working with a constituency, a wide variety of agencies and governments, the Maryland Municipal League and the General Assembly. In addition to his government background, he has served in the precinct organization for the Democrats in District 18.

With a thorough working knowledge in the telecommunications field, Al has the tools to achieve success in his areas of interest more efficiently and effectively. Many of those interests parallel Jane's in promoting the environment, helping the Chesapeake Bay, helping communities become more "Green" and working on ways to reduce domestic violence and assist victims of domestic violence.

Mier Wolf - Former Mayor and Councilmember, Town of Chevy Chase: I wanted you to know how much I respect Al Carr and believe he should go to Annapolis in the House of Delegates on behalf of District 18. Al's government experience includes serving on the Kensington Council which has given him the opportunity to learn how municipalities are best governed and how those methods might be extended to other county jurisdictions Al is an environmental advocate who convinced municipalities like ours to look for more efficient energy sources for our public lighting which we have done. Secondly, he is a consistent proponent of nurturing the Capital Crescent Trail. Furthermore, Al has the intellectual firepower to take on any other issue he chooses to pursue or to which he is a assigned to study. Finally, Al is a gentleman who listens to the points of view of others in formulating his positions on issues. His constituents would feel well listened to if Al were representing them in Annapolis.

Mark Rubin - Chevy Chase Resident & Technology Executive: I have known Al Carr for fifteen years. I also served as his Treasurer in the last State Delegate election campaign. Al is a devoted public official with the rare ability to get things done in a quiet yet effective way. He takes the time to understand complex issues and pays attention to the thoughts and concerns of his constituents.

Dustin Finney - Member of Town of Kensington Traffic Committee: Al Carr is a standout. By virtue of his personality, experience, commitment and achievements, he is, I believe, on a trajectory for unusual service and rare accomplishment.

Al is a Democrat. Heís also a democrat íńž small íńķd.íńý In our committee meetings, Al could be observed always looking out for everyone, asking questions such as: how can we help the disabled? What can we do for senior citizens? Someone has special needs? OK, what works for them? No one had to tell Al to do this, itís in his DNA.

Al has been a driving force behind major accomplishments in the state legislature: improved and more finely-tuned authority for municipal land use; conservation including significant dollar savings in utility street lighting; and, at the county level, closing a commercial tax loophole that saved a huge sum of taxpayer funds. Like Paul Sarbanesí legislation on accounting standards in the US Senate, many of Alís accomplishments are on the issues that no one wants to work on, but everyone is proud of (and wants to take credit for!) when the results are in.

Carolyn Shawaker - Former Mayor of Garrett Park: These past two legislative sessions I had the pleasure of working with Al Carr on several bills which were introduced in the Maryland General Assembly. I was impressed with Al's thorough preparation for both testifying and lobbying on the bills and how effectively he worked to gain support of the bills from other jurisdictions around the state. He understands the legislative process, prepares himself to be effective and gets things done.

Al has a passionate interest in supporting and improving his community. He understands the immense value of education and its importance to the development of every student as well as the contribution that education makes to the strength of the community and the nation. He is a strongly committed public servant. I am pleased to see that young leaders like Al are coming forth to serve their community and state.

Diane Cameron and Joseph Horgan - Kensington Environmental and Civic Activists: We have worked with Al on local initiatives on environmental, community and historic preservation. Al's focus on mass transit is another priority that we care about, that needs much greater attention and funding at the State level, and we believe that Al will push for full funding for MARC and other transit programs.

Al is a listener who works collaboratively with a wide variety of people (including business leaders as well as community activists), while maintaining a principled commitment to progressive change. We know that we and our neighbors, and diverse community leaders can work with Al to creatively solve local, regional, and state problems. Please vote for Al Carr to be our District 18 Delegate.

Tara Flynn - Garrett Park resident, Attorney and Special Needs Advocate: I have known Al Carr for over 22 years, more than half my life. In all the time I have known Al, he has proven himself to be a man of character, conviction, integrity, action, and ability. I met Al on my first day of college at the University of Rochester and he has been a wonderfully supportive and amazing friend to me ever since.

I feel fortunate that our lives have continued to intersect throughout the years. Al is a devoted husband, father, son, and friend. He is also an effective community leader. Al has a steady, calm demeanor and he is thorough and exacting in his analysis. He is committed to making life better for his constituents. Al has a proved track record as an elected official and will represent the interests of Montgomery County well in the House of Delegates.

Bette Petrides - Bethesda resident, Teacher and former County Council Candidate: When I served with Al on the Montgomery County Planning Board's Historic Preservation section's Infill/Mansionization Task Force in 2006, I found his approach to managing growth sensible and practical. I was particularly impressed with his accomplishment in working to secure more reliable and affordable energy from PEPCO and his efforts to improve public transit. As a member of the Montgomery County Council's task force for an urban tree ordinance, I admire his stand on the environment, and as a teacher, respect his views on education and inclusion. He believes in making Maryland both livable and viable economically and isn't afraid to fight to assure that that goal is achieved for all her citizens. I strongly urge you to select Al Carr to represent District 18. No one will serve the district and our state better.

Jennifer Burton - Chevy Chase resident, mother and former Democratic Precinct chair: Al has shown leadership on many issues critical to Maryland families and he would be an asset for our community in the legislature.

As the Mom of two young daughters in the Montgomery County school system, I believe we need more parents like Al serving in the legislature -- who are familiar with what is occurring in our school system and who can be advocates for the welfare of our children.

Charlotte Jones Carroll - Treasurer, Friends for Lane Lawton: His local government experience is important, but additionally, I find him to be dedicated, human and down to earth. I spoke with him on several occasions during the 2006 campaign, including while finding him standing across from me at one of the main election sites, greeting voters and answering questions for quite a while on election day.

I would also add that, while Jane was publicly neutral on the other D-18 delegate candidates outside of the incumbents during the last election, I once asked her who she thought I should support aside from her and Ana. She confided privately without hesitation that Al Carr in her view would bring the most qualities to the team and would be most likely to work smoothly within the team. She had worked with him when each was in local government in his/her towns. Her endorsement meant a lot to me.

Tracy Jacobs - Silver Spring Resident and Democratic Activist I am supporting Al Carr, as I feel he has a great knowledge and understanding of the issues in our District and would best represent its constituents. I believe that Al has the experience, education and skills needed to serve effectively.

Dee Schofield - Silver Spring Resident and Democratic Activist: My experience with the voters of District 18 is long and deep: I've lived here 30 years, and I've been a District 18 precinct coordinator, chair, or vice chair for 20 of those years.

On the basis of that experience, I can state that District 18 voters have a genuine appreciation for the qualities that Al possesses - sound judgment, perseverance, patience, coalition building, careful listening, and substantive accomplishment in public office. Given his record of public service in D18 and his work with the Democratic Party in D18, it's hardly surprising that folks who live here support him.

Sean McMullen - Attorney and Kensington Councilman: Al consistently displays his open-mindedness, conscientiousness, and good judgment at every turn. He listens attentively to the concerns of his constituents. His breadth of knowledge on relevant issues is surpassed only by his determination to find the answers when questions are posed to him that he does not know. More than being a dedicated public servant (which he is), Al Carr is simply one of the most decent, hard-working and honest people you will ever meet. I would whole-heartedly trust his judgment as my representative in Annapolis.

Cary Lamari - Community Activist and former County Council At-Large Candidate:Of all the Delegates in Annapolis, I am very impressed with Al Carr. Montgomery County is in a Fiscal and Structural crisis, we need dynamic leadership both in Annapolis and in our County Government. I believe Al to be above the temptation of special interest politics. Thank You Al for your contributions in bringing good government to Montgomery County.

By Authority: Friends of Alfred Carr. Treasurer: Barrie Carr. Copyright 2010.